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Spiral Mixer Machine

30Kg Heavy Duty Spiral Mixer

Product Code: PDBAB_425527587

A 30kg heavy-duty spiral mixer is a specialized piece of equipment used in bakeries and commercial kitchens for mixing and kneading large quantities of dough. It is designed to handle heavy dough loads efficiently and is commonly used for making bread, pizza dough, and other yeast-based products. Our technicians have designed the same stainless steel which makes it robust and highly durable. SIM Bakery Equipments is a certified company based in New Delhi, India. We manufacture and export our 30Kg Heavy Duty Spiral Mixers.

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Spiral Mixer Machine

Product Code: PDBAB_173807249

A spiral mixer machine is a versatile kitchen appliance commonly used in commercial kitchens, bakeries, and food production facilities for mixing, blending, and kneading various ingredients. It is named "planetary" because of its unique mixing action, where the mixing attachment rotates on its axis while also moving around the mixing bowl in a circular motion, resembling the motion of the planets around the sun. The material used is stainless steel. SIM Bakery Equipments is based in New Delhi, India, and, manufactures and exports planetary mixer machines.

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